Origin and status

The St Luke’s College Foundation is a Charity regulated by the Charity Commission under a Scheme sealed on 17 February 1977, Charity Number 306606.

Until the mid -1970s, the Church of England was active in the education and training of teachers. St Luke’s College at Exeter had a long and distinguished record as a teacher training college. When it closed in 1976, the College premises were sold, and the proceeds were applied to endow a new grant-making trust: the St Luke’s College Foundation.

The Foundation is one of a number of similar charities, which had their origin in the closure of church colleges. They are members of the Association of Church College Trusts, of which more details can be found at www.cstg.org.uk .

The Foundation is not a College and it does not provide courses; nor does it engage in fund-raising. The Trustees apply the income arising from the Endowment to fulfil the Object of the charity.

The Foundation’s objectives

The object

  1. The Object, as stated in the charitable Scheme, is as follows:
    1. The object of the Foundation shall be the advancement of higher and further education in one or more of the following ways:
    2. the provision and conduct in accordance with the doctrines, rites and practices of the Church of England of a chapel and a chaplaincy providing for religious worship, care and instruction;
    3. the promotion of religious education (including the training of ministers of religion) by the provision, or assistance in the provision, of instruction, classes, lectures, books, libraries and reading rooms.
    4. the granting of financial assistance to institutions of higher or further education established for charitable purposes only; and
    5. such other ways as the Trustees may from time to time determine.
  2. In furthering the object of the Foundation, the Trustees shall have regard to:
    1. the advancement of education in accordance with the doctrines of the Church of England; and
    2. the needs of students undergoing training as teachers, particularly of those who are members of the University.

The Trustees have agreed the following policies in order to fulfil the Object:

Charitable objectives

The Trustees pursue the Object of the Foundation by maintaining the St Luke’s Chapel and by making provision for Anglican Chaplaincy at the University of Exeter.

The Trustees consider that within the region there should be a lively, high quality and flexible provision for theological and religious education. The former provides for the needs of those who serve the churches, whether lay or ordained; the latter focuses on religious education in schools and further education and the training of teachers for this.

Grant making

The Trustees also make Personal Awards to individuals following university-level studies or research in Theology and Religious Education; and make Corporate Awards to universities and similar institutions to enable them to develop or enhance their provision in these fields. These Awards may be granted for up to three years. Please refer to the section on awards for further details of the scope and type of grants made, whether you would be eligible, and how to apply.


The Foundation no longer owns Freehold Property. Its Capital Fund is invested with CCLA Investment Management Limited, in CBF Units. The investment objective is to maximise income whilst seeking appreciation in capital values over the years at least in line with inflation.

The conduct of the Foundation

The Trustees meet twice yearly. They review policy, receive and respond to reports from their investment advisers, and review financial statements. They allocate grants on the recommendations of a small group of Trustees (the Scrutineers), elected in rotation.

Within the policies laid down, the day to day management of the Foundation is delegated to the Director, to whom all correspondence should be addressed. Please see the Contact section for full details.


  • St Luke’s Chapel project

    The Foundation is responsible for the St Luke’s Chapel on the University of Exeter’s St Luke’s Campus.

    A major development of the Chapel is now underway. Read all about it on the University’s website – Historic landmark church getting a £1.2 million makeover – News (exeter.ac.uk)

  • St Luke’s/Farmington Scholarship

    St Luke’s-Farmington Scholarships are awarded jointly by the St Luke’s College Foundation and the Farmington Institute.  During the period of the Scholarship regular tutorials are held, either at the University of Exeter or with a locally appointed Farmington supervisor.   The Scholarships are for teachers of Religious Education or associated subjects currently teaching in secondary schools, and primary school RE co-ordinators or other primary school teachers involved in teaching RE, who are located in the South-West region of England.

    Further information about the scholarships, including the application process, can be found on the Farmington website. (https://farmington.ac.uk/re-teachers/)

  • News about awards

    Applications for awards

    Application packs are no longer being distributed for 2024 awards.

    Application Packs for 2025 awards will be available in January 2025. Packs may be requested between January 2025 and early April 2025.

    Please note that the Foundation no longer makes awards to PGCE Secondary RE students.

  • Old website now retired

    The Foundation’s old website at www.st-lukes-foundation.org.uk has now been retired. Please use the new website here at StLukesCF.org.uk from now on.