The Foundation makes two types of award:
Personal Awards and Corporate Awards.

Personal awards

The Trustees earmark about a quarter of the Foundation’s annual income – that is, about £40,000 pa – in order to be able to make grants to individuals for studies and research in Theology and Religious education.

Personal awards are made to support individuals who are studying Theology or Religious Education; or who are undertaking research – leading to a Masters’ degree or PhD – in these fields. Personal awards are not made for study in any other subject areas.

Personal Awards are usually only made for studies and research at postgraduate level, which lead to the award of a university degree or credits.

Personal awards are normally only made to UK-based students studying at UK institutions. With few exceptions, Personal Awards are given to support serving clergy, ministers, church workers and teachers of RE who are undertaking postgraduate studies and research linked to their role. Support for full-time PhD students is very limited.

Privacy notice & the General Data Protection Regulation

Please note that applications for the Foundation’s awards are processed on computer systems. The Foundation’s Privacy Notice is available here; this explains how we process personal data relating to Personal awards. The Foundations General Privacy Policy is available here.

Corporate awards

Corporate Awards are made to departments of theology and RE in universities, colleges and other agencies operating at university level, to enhance their capacity to provide theological and religious education at this level. Corporate Awards are usually small and short-term. A benefit to the South-West is expected.

 The Trustees do not predetermine the kinds of studies or initiatives that they are prepared to support. Rather, they review all applications which appear to be within the Object, in order that they may be aware of unmet needs, and respond to the quality of the application, and to the ways in which it seeks to advance further and higher education in these fields.

Priority is therefore given to pump-priming initiatives, and other such situations where, if the initiative proves itself – may enable the grant-holder to demonstrate success to bodies which engage in longer-term funding.

How to apply

Only one round of awards is made each academic year.

From January 1st annually
You can obtain an Application Pack and an Application Form to apply for an Award by e-mailing the [email protected], giving brief details about yourself and your plans. Please include your postal address. Please note that Application Packs are NOT sent out after April 10th.

1st May: is the closing date for the Director to receive your completed application.

30th June: is the date on which the successful applicants are notified of their Award.

1st September: – the traditional date for the beginning of the academic year in the UK – is the date from which a new Award is normally tenable.


  • St Luke’s Chapel project

    The Foundation is responsible for the St Luke’s Chapel on the University of Exeter’s St Luke’s Campus.

    A major development of the Chapel is now underway. Read all about it on the University’s website – Historic landmark church getting a £1.2 million makeover – News (

  • St Luke’s/Farmington Scholarship

    St Luke’s-Farmington Scholarships are awarded jointly by the St Luke’s College Foundation and the Farmington Institute.  During the period of the Scholarship regular tutorials are held, either at the University of Exeter or with a locally appointed Farmington supervisor.   The Scholarships are for teachers of Religious Education or associated subjects currently teaching in secondary schools, and primary school RE co-ordinators or other primary school teachers involved in teaching RE, who are located in the South-West region of England.

    Further information about the scholarships, including the application process, can be found on the Farmington website. (

  • News about awards

    Applications for awards

    Application packs are no longer being distributed for 2024 awards.

    Application Packs for 2025 awards will be available in January 2025. Packs may be requested between January 2025 and early April 2025.

    Please note that the Foundation no longer makes awards to PGCE Secondary RE students.

  • Old website now retired

    The Foundation’s old website at has now been retired. Please use the new website here at from now on.